Imagine new masses of customers gained through the web, leaflets, business cards and mugs that you can add to your services or products.

If you have recently set up a company, this set is perfect for starting a company.

If you want to expand your business to a larger area (maybe all of Poland), refreshing your image will also help you gain new areas.

Business Package

Money back guarantee also applies to business packages. More about websites with a guarantee. Below are listed all the most important components of a business package. The package is flexible, so if you prefer to change the proportions of the package components, just let me know and see what I can offer you.



1000 Business Cards

1000 Leaflets

50 Koszulek

You will get a completely new website (pro package) or I will rebuild your current website if you have one. It all depends on your needs.

strona internetowa


The logotype is the company’s hallmark. Of course, the success of the company is decided by the company itself, but the company symbol allows customers to remember that they would choose yours on the brand list.


Business Cards

The opportunity to make new acquaintances used for your business often occurs in unexpected moments. To introduce yourself well, you need an elegant business card.



Leaflets are still one of the most popular forms of advertising. You will get professional leaflets with your company’s logo and information about contact with you.



The logo of your company on the shirts worn by your employees or clients is a great way of advertising and memorable.



All package components (printed business cards, printed leaflets, T-shirts with your company’s logo) will be delivered for free to any place in Poland. You will see the website on the internet;)

Deliver to others countries you have to pay.


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