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Creating a website is just the beginning. In other words, you can’t boast about your latest TV, for example, if it is attached to a wall. Only your friends and family will be able to see your equipment. In the case of a website, such coverage is not enough to gain new customers through the website.

What is seo?

Seo is otherwise all activities that increase the position of your site in search engines. The Google search engine has the largest market share, therefore all activities are planned under it.

Seo is divided into:

“on-site” – optimization of a positioned page (examining its current state and creating or modifying text on the page for given phrases)
“off-site” – activities that take place outside the website itself (eg linking to your website)

Keywords - why are they important and what are they?

Keywords are phrases that you enter into the search engine. Suppose you are looking for a dentist in Savannah, but you are just passing through Savannah. What are you doing? You enter words in the Google search engine: “good dentist Savannah“. You are about to get a list of addresses of pages related to your search. This description also shows how important keywords are. Thanks to them, people find the right information.

If you own a toy store in Savannah, you want to be found after the words “toy store in Savannah“. The more such searches in a month, the greater the chance to increase sales after people enter your site. Of course, the phrases are selected after careful analysis, but this is an example perfectly illustrating how it all works.

The choice of keywords or phrases should always be the first stage of cooperation with the person who is to deal with the positioning of your website. On this basis, subsequent actions are carried out. How many such activities last? A high position can take several months or a year depending on how competitive a given phrase is. Remember that some words are extremely competitive, and some companies hired seo companies a long time ago. It takes time to get close to them and then beat them. So the best solution is constant cooperation, so as not to lose the already good position for a company that also wants to occupy a high position. Remember that competition never sleeps.

How much it costs?

The price depends on many factors, which is why I cannot provide a specific price. Work on seo is a permanent task, which is why the service is billed in the form of a subscription.

Web Design & Development in Savannah

We create websites for the company. Presenting the company as professional and modern is extremely important, so we want to help in reaching this customer. Even companies that value traditional values ​​can have a modern side in harmony with each other. The right page is an opportunity by showing yourself to the world in the right way and thus encouraging the use of services or products. A nice page for the eye, with good readability of the page, logical structure of the page is one of the keys to winning the customer’s heart. Except for the foregoing reasons, the website must work on all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

More and more people are browsing websites on mobile devices such as smartphones and the lack of funds for this device is like throwing money out of savings. Yes, you have saved on the site, but so what about the fact that by comparing customer statistics it is smaller? In the long run, you lose more and more. A website based on WordPress is free, so you don’t have to pay for your system from their system. And reading the topic is the ability to independently edit texts and photos on the site, a WordPress post is simple and has millions of users. Remember that websites are your additional employees operating 24 hours a day. Even more so in the times of a pandemic, such an employee is a treasure. It presents your attention, presents an offer, a choice the most frequent questions from customers, frequency, and a journey to your company. Perfect worker because he doesn’t need sleep and will help your potential client at any time. Thanks to the help of an employee from a potential client, he can create help of a future client, each such person for simply auxiliary income.

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